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Abstracting: Why Local is Better

When choosing a company to do business with, the options are endless. Then comes the hard part: do you go national or stay local? Both provide the same benefits and services. Yet when it comes to abstracting services, working with someone in your own backyard is critical. 

We Dig Records, Really! 

At Real Estate Title, our abstractors’ work involves meticulous digging and sifting through public records. Accuracy matters. You want to partner with someone who looks out for your best interests. Local abstractors understand that crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s is critical. There are reputable national companies that offer adequate services. Yet, smaller companies will keep your account in-house, with no outsourcing, from beginning to end. 

We Know the Players

When you select local, you have the added benefit of utilizing their established relationships in the field. Each person knows how the other works, and that sets the pace for a smooth transition during the fact-finding process. The last thing you need is a delay in communication when it comes to your title work.

Reputation Matters

Small businesses have a lot at stake. Their successes and failures significantly affect their reputation within the industry and community. There’s no safety net to absorb the losses that come from mishaps. Local abstractors care about the process and that your project runs smoothly. It’s one of the many reasons why Real Estate Title works tirelessly to provide dependable and on-time recording services––always. 

We Love Our Customers

When you go local, it comes with a sense of community. We are neighbors, live where we work, and your patronage is a vested interest in our area’s economic growth. Embracing the services of a local abstractor invites others to do the same. 

Whether you’re seeking a limited or full-title search, trust Real Estate Title Service for fast and accurate information. For over 60 years, Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll, Howard, and Washington counties have turned to us for their agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential subdivision, easement, estate work, and all other land-related search inquiries.