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Why Shop Local Abstracting?

Let’s talk about why choosing a reliable local abstracting service like Real Estate Title Service can be an excellent value over “Big Box Abstracting”.  In short, our small business community relationships mean greater buy-in to your product and service. Cheap is not always better, and when you need reliability and thorough abstracting for a single building or a full portfolio, there is no better choice than the local team invested in the communities you live, work, and play.

Real estate abstracts are a property’s history – plain and simple. A thorough and well-researched abstract will include references to any legal actions against the property or deed transfers, sometimes back to the original land grant. It will also let you know if the land is clear of liens and tax issues as well as when it’s not. Outstanding debt or another title issue is a problem no new property owner or insurer wants to inherit, and you better be sure your partner in abstracting is providing all the details you require to help protect your client at settlement. 

When you go local, you build into longstanding, trusted relationships shared between abstractors, attorneys, settlement and insurance companies, surveyors, bankers, and real estate agents. An email or phone to a local provider can quickly clear up findings, yet with the “Big Box Abstracting”, you may wait days or weeks on your report to receive answers. When you start local and stay local, you’re entrusting small business owners who deeply care about their work to give you the best experience possible. Abstracting is no different. Your local abstractor works hard for those in their community. Their passion for providing critical information is a service to your community worth supporting. 

Whether you’re seeking a limited or full-title search, trust Real Estate Title Service for fast and accurate information. For over 60 years, Montgomery, Frederick, Carroll, Howard, and Washington counties have turned to us for their agricultural, commercial, industrial, residential subdivision, easement, estate work, and all other land-related search inquiries. And, we’re here to help all our partners in development, real estate, and more as they seek the ideal relationship that can provide quality, results, and efficiencies. It’s worth a call to learn more about how we can help your team or project – and that’s a guarantee we’ve been proud to stand on for generations.